• Brief note on end of covid testing at December 14 ...

    Brief note on end of covid testing at December 14 -


    You've heard about the end of mandatory covid testing in China. And you've heard about the increase in cases, which are not being reported since the government is no longer keeping track of cases. Michael Pettis reports that several of his friends in Beijing are now positive.

    Reported cases are falling dramatically. Clearly people getting sick in China are not following the news reports.

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  • River water flows east

    River water flows east ... 


    James Palmer reminds us in Foreign Policy that deaths of CCP leaders are

    sometimes … inconvenient. Announcement of a death may be delayed

    by hours or days while CCP figures out what the death means. Deng

    Xiaoping’s death was not reported immediately. Jiang Zemin was not

    nearly so popular as Deng, but he was known as not-so-loyal opposition to

    Xi Jinping. His death amid virus-related protests including denunciations of Xi

    everywhere in China requires some … consideration.

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  • Why no change in Covid policies?

    Why no change in Covid policies?

    I thought there might be some changes in Xi's zero-Covid policies right after the National Congress meeting in October. The deteriorating economy and uncertainties are frustrating Chinese people and foreign businesses alike. But no changes came. Right now, the protests are huge and widespread and not yet violent, but getting there. And CCP fears nothing more than it does coordinated protests across cities.

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