The Wairarapa Academy for New Sinology – started by Barme and John Minford, a virtual academy named for the Wairarapa Valley in New Zealand.  From the web site -  (New Sinology)  encourages a multifaceted understanding of China and the Sinophone world, one grounded in an ability to appreciate the living past in China’s present.   China Story


China Heritage Quarterly – 2005 to 2012  from ANU China Heritage Quarterly


China Heritage -  heir to China Heritage Quarterly.  From the About -China Heritage, which was launched in December 2016, is also the online home of The Wairarapa Academy for New Sinology 白水書院, conceived by John Minford and Geremie R. Barmé, and its projects. The Academy is based in the Wairarapa Valley, New Zealand. Its ‘sororal site’, China Heritage Annual, was launched in March 2017    China Heritage

One of the projects from China Heritage is  Watching China Watching -

China Heritage launched the series Watching China Watching in early 2018 by quoting the observations of László Ladány and Simon Leys on reading the Chinese Communist press. Among other things, Simon Leys remarked that:

Communist Chinese politics are a lugubrious merry-go-round … and in order to appreciate fully the déjà-vu quality of its latest convolutions, you would need to have watched it revolved for half a century. The main problem with many of our politicians and pundits is that their memories are too short, thus forever preventing them from putting events and personalities in a true historical perspective.   Sample work -  Mendacious, Hyperbolic, and Fatuous – An Ill-Wind from People’s Daily (comments on reading the current Chinese press)    Mendacious, Hyperbolic, and Fatuous


The China Story -  at Australia National University (ANU)   China Story  From a lecture by Geremie Barme -  The China Story Project aims at providing a series of such mirrors that reflect not only what the party-state hopes to see when it gazes into the mirror of its carefully constructed history, but also through various refractions to provide those who see Chinese history as part of the broader global enterprise of humanity with the dimensions that allow for a nuanced, informed and complex understanding of China’s telling stories.  Telling Chinese Stories  Sample work -  Chapter 1 – The Nineteenth Party Congress: Here Comes the Future  Nineteenth Party Congress - Here Comes the Future


-additional publications from ANU –


East Asian Historybiannual, refereed, free online download (to 1991)  East Asian History   Sample work – On the (Paper) Trail of Lord Macartney, by Robert Swanson   On the Trail of Macartney


Made in Chinaopen access on China labor, rights, and civil society.  Quarterly, new in 2018   Made in China   Sample work – States of Emergency:  January-March, 2018  (articles on China after the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008)  Wenchuan earthquake


The China Journal   excellent but alas, only for subscribers   China Journal   Sample work - Thugs and Outsourcing of State Repression in China, by Lynette Ong  Volume 80, July, 2018




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