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Qiushi  (“seeking truth”) – is a publication from the CCP Central Committee.  In English and Chinese.  It is companion to People’s Daily, but more focused on CCP members and Marxist theory.    Qiushi


Caixin  – the somewhat freer news site that keeps on going.  Hu Shuli, the founder and editor, must have seriously good guanxi at the top levels.  Caixin is able to publish stories that other media might not be able to do, while skirting quite carefully around what is permitted to say and what is not.    Caixin


Global Times – Another perspective.    Global Times


China Daily -  The iconic reference.  I like the masthead addition of a daily feature, Xi’s Moments, highlighting the words and actions of the dear leader.  Makes the newspaper more of a personal effort on Mr. Xi’s part.    China Daily


NPC Observer - Covering the National People’s Congress and its Standing Committee.   NPC Observer


News of the Communist Party of China -   People’s Daily Online.  Not really useful – not updated often, some English language articles from 2013.  One of the pictures show CCP general secretary Hu Jintao.   CCP News


Jiang Shigong - on ‘Philosophy and History: Interpreting the “Xi Jinping Era” through Xi’s Report to the Nineteenth National Congress of the CCP’.  Gloria Davies, May 11, 2018.   This is an authoritative perspective on the future that Mr. Xi plans for the world and for China.   Introduction to the article by David Ownby and Timothy CheekOwenby translation.   Interpreting the "Xi Jinping Era"


China Leadership Monitor – from the Hoover Institution.  Perspective on people and politics.   China Leadership Monitor


Xinhuanet – focus on China in the world   Xinhuanet


Jing Daily –  "The Business of Luxury in China"   Sample work -–  Exclusive: Burberry Launches 2 Handbags Just for China on First WeChat Mini-Program    Burberry Launches 2 Handbags


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