Laser-like development focus ...

Just a brief note -

Speeches and policy documents are nearly always long. It is not uncommon for a leader to talk for an hour or two on one topic, with supremely bored listeners fastened to their seats and their cell phones,  trying to pass the time. (The cell phone diversion is less common with speeches by senior CCP officials). 

English translations of CCP documents and speeches are often unreadable. Not because of translation problems, but the confluence of soaring generalities being pounded into heads.

Here is a good example. This is not noteworthy for any particular reason except that I tried to read this recently and as usual, got stopped after a couple of sentences.

This is about Mr. Xi's new Common Prosperity policy, latest of the attempts to raise household incomes for the 600 to 800 million Chinese who can still be called "low-income." The US has its share of ill-defined programs to aid the poor, but this laundry list struck me as saying particularly nothing while it covers just about everything.

This was reported at Sinocism recently.

  1. Comments from the Zhejiang Common Prosperity front lines

Page 1 of the 2.8 Zhejiang Daily has an article on a meeting chaired by the Provincial Party Secretary Yuan Jiajun to discuss Zhejiang’s Common Prosperity pilot work.

Yuan Jiajun stressed that common prosperity is a pioneering cause and a systematic transformation and reshaping. 袁家军强调,共同富裕是开性事,是系革重塑。

The article contains quite an ambitious list, and is a good reminder that "Common Prosperity" is not just material but also includes culture and ideology.

浙江日 - 勇担使命 塑造 共同富裕美好社会建

It is necessary to promote the first demonstration of high-quality economic development, speed up the construction of a modern industrial system led by the digital economy, establish a global innovation mechanism to support common prosperity, build a high-quality employment and entrepreneurship system, strengthen the financing and development mechanism of small and medium-sized enterprises, and build a universal and inclusive promotion system for quality consumption. It is necessary to promote the reform of the income distribution system to demonstrate first, solidly carry out the action of expanding the middle and lowering the lower, build a big social security system, explore the financial transfer payment system and tax collection and management reform, improve the reasonable growth mechanism of wage income, explore the construction of a new charity system, and explore the establishment of a statistical monitoring system of common prosperity. It is necessary to promote the first demonstration of high-quality sharing of public services, accelerate the construction of a child-friendly society and an elderly-friendly society, improve the mechanism of promoting inclusive human capital, and build a whole-course health service system for everyone, basically realize the important application of the masses and enterprises being able to "handle affairs in the palm of their hands", and iteratively upgrade "basic public services in Zhejiang". It is necessary to promote the first demonstration of coordinated development between urban and rural areas, vigorously implement the integration reform of strengthening villages and enriching people with rural collective economy as the core, accelerate the integration reform of urbanization of agricultural transfer population, improve the mechanism of "one county, one policy" to promote common prosperity in mountain areas, innovate and improve the system and mechanism of "mountain-sea cooperation+enclave economy", and make overall plans to promote future community and future rural construction.

It is necessary to promote the demonstration of the development of advanced socialist culture, strengthen the mainstream ideology and public opinion of common prosperity, thoroughly implement the global civilization creation project, build a precise access mechanism of volunteer service, build a "15-minute quality cultural life circle" and build a highland of cultural innovation and development. It is necessary to promote the demonstration of ecological civilization construction, systematically promote the carbon neutrality work in peak carbon dioxide emissions, implement the action of ecological benefit to the people, and improve the realization mechanism of ecological product value. It is necessary to promote the demonstration of social governance first, continuously improve the precise intelligent control mechanism of "dynamic clearing" for epidemic prevention and control, coordinate the implementation of the special action of "law to help common prosperity and law to protect peace", promote the reform of "integration of county and township, unified management and control" in the whole province, and improve the great peace mechanism of closed-loop risk control.


No doubt all will be implemented at usual China speed.