Videos of police extremism in the Hong Kong subway

update at October 5 -  after months of protest and escalation, and some excessive violence by police and thugs against protesters, I am starting to admire the Hong Kong police a bit for their restraint.

That is certainly not the popular attitude among protesters and supporters in Hong Kong.  But the police are caught in situations more war-like than preserving-the-peace like. 

Video of destruction at subway stations  - there are many such videos from the last few months, but the extent of the damage is causing Hong Kong to shut down - more here and here. No one knows where this goes or at this point what the intent can be.  At some point, shutting down Hong Kong only plays into the hands of the government.  The mainland needs Hong Kong, that is true; but Hong Kongers need Hong Kong as well. 

In case you've not been watching.  No need for further comment on this. 
 If you can get this from the New York Times, it is a chilling video of a student
protester talking about his actions.  He seems to treat the protests as an
extracurricular activity.  Not to doubt his sincerity, but he really could be killed
in this confrontation, and I doubt that has sunk in.  A bit like Tian'anmen or
Kent State.
Update:  The anthem, written hastily but embraced by those in the streets, in Cantonese, pointedly not in Mandarin -
Glory to Hong Kong
A version with English subtitles