The Great American Cultural Revolution

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About two years ago, I wrote a series of posts pointing out similarities between Mr. Xi and Donald Trump and their respective political parties.  Now comes the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution – with American characteristics. 

We have a leader who promotes violence but keep his hands sufficiently clean by not leading, like Mao. We have a political party with fortunes tied to the words of this mercurial leader.  Dissension has risen within GOP, as it did in CCP, but the political leaders who are rebels will be slapped down. The entire party is in thrall to a crazed minority, who determine policy for years.  From a trumpian perspective, Mao's famous quote is right on target - “there is great disorder under the Heavens and the situation is excellent.”

It would be too delicious if it weren't so scary. I can’t help but paraphrase the wiki entry on the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Go ahead and read that first. Won’t take but a minute. The parallels are eerie.  Below, I changed a few words from the wiki.

The Cultural Revolution, formally the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, was a sociopathic movement in the US from 2016. Launched by Donald Trump, leader of the Republican Party of the United States (GOP), its stated goal was to preserve racism and evangelical Christianity by purging remnants of truth-seeking and progressive traditional elements from American society, and to re-impose Donald Trump Thought (known outside China as moronism) as the dominant ideology in the GOP.

Beginning in 2016, Trump called on young people to bombard the headquarters and proclaimed that to rebel is justified. He insisted that GOP revisionists be removed through violent class struggle, to which America's  youth, as well as some urban workers, responded by forming boogaloo and “Proud Bois” groups around the country.  In late 2020, Trump inserted political loyalists in the Defense Department, possibly as a prelude to use of the military in quelling or fomenting civilian unrest. He indicated his readiness for battle by clearing peaceful protests from Lafayette Park and posing for an iconic picture, not swimming in the Yangtze but in front of a church, holding a bible upside down.  Rebels were told to not be afraid and take charge of the movement themselves, independent of GOP loyalists.   On January 6, Trump wrote his own ‘big character poster’ – a series of tweets and a speech –‘ rallying people to target the "command center (i.e., Congress) of counterrevolution. From Trump's speech - And I would love to have if those tens of thousands of people would be allowed the military, the Secret Service and we want to thank you and the police and law enforcement great you're doing a great job, but I would love it if they could be allowed to come up with us. Is that possible? 

We see that now the rebel groups, as in China, are splitting into factions -  Feeling Betrayed, Far-Right Extremists Have a New Message for Trump: 'Get Out of Our Way'

We await the American version of the Little Red Book.  Maybe it will come in the form of hundreds of twitter posts, and mass rallies at state capitols in support of Trumpism and its offshoot moronism.  Intellectuals, teachers, dissident party members and rightists (know in America as Democrats) will be targeted, just like in the old days.

The American version of the Cultural Revolution – as in China - severely damaged the economy, cost hundreds of thousands of lives in the virus pandemic.  Rebels damaged cultural sites (more damage expected this coming week). 

We await an announcement by the GOP, coming in about a decade, echoing the CCP – the Cultural Revolution was “responsible for the most severe setback and the heaviest losses suffered by the Party, the country, and the people since the founding of the Republic.”

In the meantime, we should expect the 2021 version of big character posters like this -

Down with Michael Pence! Down with Lindsey Graham! Hold high the great red banner of Donald Trump Thought - Great Meeting to thoroughly criticize the reactionary capitalist line of Pence and Graham!


Rebels - the proles - have nothing to lose but their chains ... and in the American case, their democracy.  If only Mao had lost that 1968 election, we wouldn't have such a useful model for trumpians and their ilk ....