Once Upon a Time, America


At the end of 2018, I wrote a series of posts on similarities between Xi and Trump, CCP and GOP.  See below.

Now, about six weeks before the election, Barton Gellman at the Atlantic has an analysis of how Trump can disrupt the election and refuse to leave.   This is by no means the only story like this, and the idea seems more and more possible.  What if Trump Refuses to Concede?

It can't happen here, is what most of us think.  But for Trump and GOP, as for Xi and CCP, all comes down to power.  And consider this - Xi Jinping created a lot of enemies in his power grab, starting in 2012 - senior CCP members in jail, some for life, careers ruined.

Xi changed the rules so he could remain in power past 2022. 

Question - if you were in power, and had created a lot of enemies (in Trump's case, lawsuits that will be filed the day he leaves office) would you choose to desperately cling to power or leave?  Now suppose you were a narcissistic authoritarian basket case.

The GOP faces the same question, as has CCP. 

Some friends remind us of Cato the Elder, updated - GOP delende est.


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